Bridal Gown Alterations

Hem Slim A line / Fishtail hem with linings £100
Standard A line Hem including linings from £110
Layered Hem (chiffon, georgette, organza) including all linings from £120.00
Ballgown style (tulle with multiple layers and linings) £140.00
Lace hem including layers, linings, and nets from £140.00

Bodice Plain side seams from £70.00
Side seams with lace or beadwork from £90.00
Standard shoulders (taking up) from £40.00
Shoulders with sleeves from £50.00
Making new back panel £30.00
Bust pads added £20.00
Straps from £25.00
Hand sewing £25.00 per hour.

Skirt Taking in over hip/thigh on plain skirt £60.00
Taking in over hip/thigh on lace or beaded skirt £80.00
Standard train bustle £15.00


Bridesmaid Dress / Prom Dress Alterations

Standard Hem (1 layer and lining) from £35.00
Layered Hem (multiple layers) from £40.00
Standard side seams (taking in/letting out) from £40.00
Standard shoulders (taking up) from £30.00
Hand sewing and finishing, any other work charged by the hour £30.00


Once the alterations needed have been discussed, a quote will be given to you on the day or emailed to you after the initial consultation. A 50% deposit is required before work can begin. The price you have been given will not change unless there are additional alterations are requested. Usually, three fittings are needed, these are included in the price of your alterations. There is a £25 charge for the initial consultation, however you are not obligated to commit to the alterations until the deposit is paid. Once paid the deposit is non-refundable.