Bespoke Bridal Wear


The ideal time frame for the whole process is between 3- 12 months although an extra fee may be charged if there is less than 2 months notice during busy periods.

At your first consultation you will discuss any ideas you may have or styles you prefer and look through fabric samples. During this consultation Hannah will draw various designs for you.

During your second visit your measurements are taken along with a deposit (this is usually a third of the quote agreed on). Using the measurements taken, your chosen design will be made in to a toilé (a cotton mock-up of the design).

On the third appointment the the toilé will be fitted and any alterations to the fit and the design can be made.  Any details can be drawn on to the toilé, so you get a picture of what your gown will look like when it is completed.

Once you are happy with the design and fit of the gown, the pattern will then be adjusted according to the alterations made on the toilé. The pattern will then be cut out of your chosen fabric.

The dress is then fitted in the fabric and any further alterations will be made to the fit.  This may involve one or two final fittings to ensure the gown is completed and for any detailing to be added to the gown.

It is advisable to bring along any bridal underwear you wish to wear and your shoes to all fittings, so that the fit and length can be measured accurately.

Prices on application


There is a consultation fee of £25 which will be deducted from the final total if a gown is commissioned. This fee also applies to unattended appointments without prior cancellation.